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Welcome to the new website of The Kava's Polish Band.

The Kava's are certainly one of, if not THE longest lasting Polish bands in existence. More about that on our KAVA'S HISTORY page, which is a must see. Some great stories along with some wonderful old pictures there.

So, what the heck is a "HUSKER STYLE POLISH BAND"? Well, it's just a good way to describe our style. We play a unique blend of good old time Polish wedding music, along with some "honky" style and "push" style mixed in. All held together with a dynamic, very danceable beat. Years ago, many weddings The Kava's played were held on farms here in the central Nebraska area. Nebraska is well known as the home of the Cornhuskers, and since farms are where the real life cornhusking actually took place, thinking back on all this is what inspired the term "Husker Style" Polish Band. "Husker Push" is an extension of that term.

The Kava's have been around a long time, and have a ton of experience in providing a memorable and very fun time for many types of occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, street dances...just to name a few. We always have a great time playing our polkas, waltzes and obereks, and the fun we have is infectious, so everyone ends up having a great time too. Even people who were expecting a polka band to be slow and boring (obviously they don't know any better) are surprised at the energetic sound and at how much fun they have once they loosen up and start dancing!