If there's wedding plans in your future, consider that 81% of reception guests
say that the entertainment is what they remember most about a wedding. Which
is why most couples wish they had given more thought to the entertainment at their wedding. If there's one thing to keep in mind when choosing your entertainment, it's this: Nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING beats the atmosphere created by a live band. Not even the most personable DJ can recreate that special "feel" of live music.

Polish weddings have been recognized as THE most fun weddings in the world. Reasons for this include: the great food; the generous, friendly people who KNOW how to celebrate; and of course that high energy live music and dancing. For those of you who aren't familiar with Polish style polka music, it is definitely NOT slow oompahpah. Not that there's anything wrong with oompah music if that's what you like. But let's face it, younger people (and older people too) prefer the faster livelier style of Polish polkas.

Now, with our new Digital Jukebox service, you don't have to sacrifice the variety of a DJ. We may not have a 5,000 song library, but we do have all the standard songs most DJ's always play. Plus, we can obtain songs requested ahead of time. Our library includes rock/pop, classic rock, country and some current hits. Not much rap, but remember you will have guests of all ages. Do you really want to subject your sweet little 80 year old grandmother to the nasty lyrics and thundering bass of rap? Of course, if you WANT annoying flashing lights, smelly fog machines and excessive booming volume, which will drive your guests into leaving early, you will pay up to THREE TIMES more for a DJ than you will for THE KAVA'S. We give twice the service at less than half the price! Can't beat a deal like that! Go to our Contact Info page to get in touch with us for prices and booking information.
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